My Big Brother Told Me Not To Stop Sucking So I Didnt

I was a 10 year old little boy when my mother ran off with one of Daddies friends.By then I had been dressing up in girls clothes for a couple of years.When mom or Daddy caught me at first they tried to make me stop wearing girls clothes but then mom and Daddy began fighting a lot and I when they didnt say anything for being dressed like a girl I began doing it more and more and started acting like a girl in every way when at home.I was wearing a skirt and blouse,heels and all the night Daddy called me and my two brothers in the front room.He told us how he and mom had been fighting for a long time and that she had been having sex with other men and that she had run off with a guy who he knew.Daddy told us that Mom would not be coming back ,ever.

We talked for awhile and as everyone was leaving the front room Daddy stopped me and told me he wanted me to get rid of all of moms clothes and stuff.He smiled and told me that I could keep what ever clothes that I wanted and could wear what ever I wanted from then on.I was so excited because Daddy was giving me permission to dress and act like a girl ,all the time if I wanted and that is what I did.I started wearing panties and sometimes bras to school and as soon as I got home from school would run to my room and change clothes and put makeup on and would be a girl until the next day when I had to go to school.One night my big brother told me how pretty I looked and said I was going to make a good little girl for him .That night he forced me to suck his cock.He loved to force me to suck him off and had me do it before school,usually right after and always either at bed time or sometime during the night.One Saturday I was on my knees in the front room deep throating him when Daddy walked in and caught me.

My big brother told me not to stop sucking so I didnt.

A minute later while I was still sucking his cock I was picked up so I was standing but bent at the waist so I could keep sucking brothers hard cock.

I didnt see who it was but knew it had to be Daddy ,,he pulled my panties off and skirt up and was playing with my little ass.I felt him rub something on my sissy ass hole and he told brother to keep me sucking his cock,,no to let me stop so he grabbed my head and had control of me.

When Daddy saw him do that he slipped a finger up my tight little ass and began to finger my sissy hole.

It hurt and I was whimpering but was being forced to keep sucking brothers cock.

My brother told me to be a good little bitch and shoved his cock all the way down my throat,I was used to this but what made it different this time was when he shoved his cock down my throat Daddy pulled his fingers out and quickly shoved his big hard cock up in my tiny little sissy ass.I tried to scream because of the pain being so much but Scotts cock was down my throat keeping me from doing any more than moaning.

After a bit I realized Daddies cock felt good fucking my sissy ass.That night I became their little bitch and they fucked me

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