My Ex Girlfriend Leah, A Realtor In Homewood Alabama &Amp;Amp; Had A Rape Fantasy All Her Life (Or So She Said)

My ex girlfriend Leah, a realtor in Homewood Alabama & had a rape fantasy all her life (or so she said).

Leah is very tiny, can’t weigh more than 100 lbs and her asshole is tighter than a tick!!

After our usual night of drinking, I just did it!

Didn’t give a chance to prep her anal cavity for the forthcoming anal abuse either!

When she realized what was happening she started screaming.

I’m a big guy, so holding her down was so easy, so I kept on riding her ass until I my cum was being pumped, literally squishing out of her bum hole around each thrust of my cock.

It felt good to totally control her, with her struggling to break free.

Not sure how long It took for the whole thing to go down, but When I pulled out I grabbed a handful of hair and thrust my semi limp cock in her mouth.

She never did come around to seeing things “my way” and that turned me on again, and within a few minutes I shot another load down her throat.

Seriously, one of the greatest nights of my life in what seemed like months.

We broke up in May, but I’m planning to “casually” run into her and do it all again.

I have a couple of buddies I’d like to share her with, but that may be tougher.

Would you like me to raw dog you too? I love it üòç

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