Loretta’s Husband, I Watched Him

I live in a garden-style apartment complex and next door to me is a young couple who I have become friends with. Loretta is a flight attendant and away a few times a month when she is on overseas flights. There is a small out-cove between our apartments with a picnic table and benches. I seldom sat out there but about three months ago I sat outside one night with a glass of wine.

The window on their side was open and I heard music playing. It wasn’t like I was intentionally peeking in but as I glanced over there was Eric standing near the bed naked. He had a towel over his shoulder so he must have just taken a shower. I did know Loretta was away and I just kept looking at him. He is one good looking guy and built like an athlete. He turned the music off and went over to his computer desk. Within a couple of minutes he had a porn site on showing a woman with two men.

He turned his back for a second and as he turned around he was lubing his penis with some kind of hand cream and began jerking off. He kept starting and stopping at on time letting his penis go limp slightly. Then he put paper towels on the side of the desk and began masturbating again. I should have gone inside my apartment but I confess I was mesmerized watching him.

I could hear him make grunting sounds and when he ejaculated his semen went onto the paper towels. He wiped himself off with the towel and that’s when I went back inside. Loretta has been away 3 times since then and I make it a point to have my wine outside when she is away. I’ve watched him masturbate 4 times altogether and a couple of times just saw him naked.

I’m starting to wonder if he knows I have been watching him. When Loretta is home that window is never open and fully covered. Once she goes on a trip the shade is up about a foot and at night the window is always open. When I am out there I always sit on the dark corner and never thought it would be possible for him to see me outside. Then I question why that window is only open when he is alone. I enjoy watching him and can only hope he don’t know it.

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