I Was Having A Few Drinks At My Local Bar When I Met A Guy Who Seemed A Very Interesting Person. Our Conversation Got Around To Sex

I was having a few drinks at my local Bar when I met a guy who seemed a very interesting person.
Our conversation got around to sex.

He asked me if I had ever sucked a guy, I said No.

He then wanted to know if I had ever had my cock sucked by a guy.

Well I had but I wasn't going to let him know that so again I replied No.
Well, he said , you are going to like it.

I told him I don't think so, He just laughed and said Wait and See.

Our conversation continued on other things and then again he turned it to sex.

He wanted to know if I had had sex with another guy in any way and again I told him No.

Again I found it strange when he told me I was going to like it.
He got another round of drinks and I began to feel strange and then sleepy and he offered to take me home.
I woke up the next morning and found I was lying on a bed in a strange room.

My drinking friend then came in with another two big guys and I found out that things were not so good.

He told me that I would be busy for a couple of days, and when I asked why, he said I would soon find out.

Then he left the room and one of the big guys took out his penis and told me he wanted me to suck it.

I refused and the other big guy then hit me hard in the stomach and when I recovered he explained that this was my new job, to suck the penis of any guy who came in to the room.

When I was threatened again, I gave in and had to suck the penis of both of them and they made me swallow their cum.
That day and the next I lost count of how many guys came in and I had to suck them, it must have been about fifteen or more each day.

The next day was worse, the guy who I had had a few drinks with came in and this time the subject was sex.

He made it clear that my body was now available to be used by men who wanted to have sex with me by using my anus as their place to leave their semen.

I was hit very hard again until I agreed.

The same two big guys as last time both fucked me, it was quite painful until I learned to push back against them as they entered me and the pain was a lot less, and again I was used as a woman by many men that day and the next.

Then on the day after, I was blindfolded and taken by car many miles and then left to find my way home.

I felt really ashamed at what had happened to me, so I decided I would not go to the police

And also, I am a bit ashamed to admit that when I think often back to what happened, I actually began to like what those men were doing with my body.

I think it may well be that I will be looking for more of the same soon.

the conversation continued

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