animal sex

I’m a housewife. I havesex with my dog. It’s a ritual now. When the husband leaves for work, I pamper my darling pup (a big lab) with kisses and spread my legs. His heavy sniffing on my pussy sets me on fire and I almost explode with ecstasy when he starts licking me all over my pussy and arse. I let him lick my clit until I cum.

Initially I found his rough tongue uncomfortable and used to push him away but he is a fast learner and now he precisely knows what thrills me most. Sometimes I gratify him by guiding his big tool into my pussy and he just goes nuts. The craziest moment arrives after we have both cummed and he tries to lick of all the cream by putting his tongue deep inside me. Its like a trip to the seventh heaven. Am I supposed to feel guilty?

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  1. I watched my fiance get fucked by a dog. Your husband might like it but it’s not something people talk about. Don’t be afraid to find a way to hint or dig for his interest. He might fucking love watching it but you’d never know unless you tell him “honey I’m a slut and I’ve been a bad girl”

    • Yes you have to hint to him. Set it up where you can be taking a shower or just changing clothes but have your dog already horny and wanting you make it out to be like your dog caught you off guard and then he just stuck his dick in me you can react to it with a oh my gosh it’s so hot what are you doing dog moan moan and say oh my it’s in so deep. Help me honey he is in me I can’t move him. Hope he gets horny and is loving it

  2. I use to live in NC not long ago. I met this woman and we dated for a little while. One night we were jacked and I noticed how she really wasn’t rejecting my dog when he sniffed between hers legs. He’s a big boy. I could tell something was up. Long story short. He licked her pussy and fucked after me. He also licked my cum out of her. Still have the proof to some.

  3. There’s something seriously wrong with all you sick fucks either fantasising or worse, about fucking your animals. One of these days that dog or calf will chew your cock and balls or labia and clit off entirely and try explaining that one when you arrive in screaming agony at the ER. You bunch of revolting, metally-ill cunts.

    • It is a very good question, Mik. I think I would say that I was cooking in the nude and that some lard fell onto my vagina. Naturally, I would put some there before going to the ER.
      But thank you so much for making me think of this in advance; it might be difficult to think on one’s feet in the moment.

    • To each his/her own… Not Your problem not Your business why are You reading this? You secretly are turned on huh Silly fool.

    • Mik talk about the pot calling the kettle black. How much did you read before making your comment? Actually you had to look for this particular subject, so you have some of your own issues to address before judging others.

  4. I liked your story. Here’s a quick one about how I lost my virginity. 13 years old and I was telling myself that I was ready for some dick. So it went like this. Summer time and I was in our pool by myself all day with our dog we called Truck a 110 pound Chocolate Lab. I started getting out of the pool and Truck was standing at the ladder he drove his nose right up to my pussy and licked it hard.. I was like what??? That felt good. So I spread my legs and let Truck lick away. I started squirming because it was getting good. I told myself that here is my chance for some dick. I had been horny for a long while now. I pushed Truck back and told him to come on we went to our patio and I pulled my bathing suit off and laid back on a long bed we had outside. It was soft and just right for Truck. He came over to me and started licking my lips in deep and deeper. I was feeling it all over. My nipples were hard and my pussy was wet and wanting him inside me. I Patted my chest and told Truck to come up here. He must have known what I said because he jumped up on me and with in a few strokes I felt his dick splitting my lips. He adjusted his feet closer to my ass my legs were around him and he started pounding me I felt him tearing my pussy up it was stinging a little bit but it was feeling good to. He was really going now jerking me so hard I was just hanging on to him. My pussy was tingling and swollen Truck was giving me his dock deep in me I could feel it. His knot was starting to rub my spot and it didn’t take long before my juices came squirting out. I had the biggest orgasm I squirted cum all over me and Truck he had his knot deep inside me now and he was stopping. But he was pushing his dock hard in me. The sting was gone and I was tingling I started stroking my hips against him and it only took a few minutes before I orgasmed again. I lay there for about 15 minutes before Truck pulled out of me. I was tired now he had just fucked me good. I got me some dick. So Truck pulled out and started cleaning himself I couldn’t touch my pussy it was swollen and so tender. 1 hour later my pussy was still swollen. 3 hours later it was still swollen mom was on her way home now. I ran some cold water over it no help. Mom was here now so I pulled up my swim suit and went to see mom. I didn’t know my shirt was so short you could see my bottom swim suit. As soon as I walked up to mom she said what have you been doing. I said swimming. She said you have been doing more than swimming. She grabbed my arm and pushed me down in a chair spread my legs and said tell me who did that to you. She said I know what caused it now who did it. I never lied to her before so I told her Truck grabbed me by my waist when I was getting out of the pool and all I could do was hang on to him. She said oh my gosh he raped my little girl. I told her mom no he didn’t I pulled my swimsuit off and let him have take my pussy she was silent for a moment then I said to her he was hot and deep in me I had 2 orgasms and he gave me a good fuck. I’m just stuck with my pussy swollen now. She finally spoke and said he was good!!! You got 2 orgasms???? How did he do you??? I said I laid back on the bed and he licked me until I was ready for him then he gave me his dick. The best feeling I have ever felt. She stopped talking and she was walking away and she stopped. She looked at me and said he gave you 2 orgasms and then he still fucked you more. He put all of his dick in you. I said yes we were stuck together for 20 minutes or so. It was good mom my first time for sex. She said well you know how it feels now nothing I can say. He must have really gave you a good fuck because your lips are so swollen I know it takes a lot of fucking for that to happen. 4 hours later they were starting to go down. Mom was still being very good to me. She kept saying he made you orgasm 2 times and then fucked you more then your pussy is swollen for 8 hours. She said to me. She was going upstairs with Truck so don’t worry about her she wanted to get fucked like that for a long time now but no one could do it so she just came right out and said give her some privacy. She came downstairs about two hours later and said yes he did it again and again to her. Told me that l could do him as much as I wanted and never tell anyone. I’m 33 now and I have a Chocolate Lab named bud. He will fuck you good to. I have him trained to my moans and to the position I move to he hits the spot easily and I orgasm with him he has fucked me until I get through with my orgasms right through his knot swelling up . Bud has a 9 inch dick and a soft ball size knot so I get hit deep in my pussy each time. My mom has her a lab also. She has been there for me all my life. Can’t blame you mom for taking Truck that day and fucking him he was a great fuck partner. Any chance someone would like to join me with Bud it’s just me and Bud here in north Florida.

  5. to please my husband I agreed to have sex with a local mongrel medium sized stray dog. the dog’s penis was only the second penis I ever had cum in my vagina. That dog enjoyed fucking me. My husband enjoyed watching me getting fucked by the dog. Afterwards my husband enjoyed the dog’s cum in my now very wet vagina being hot all over his erection. I had felt the dog’s seed cum in me but I did not feel much when my husband climaxed inside me and adding his own sperm seed to the dog’s hot stuff.
    Later, I told my husband as I done it once for him to please him, I would not be doing it again.
    But secretly I really did enjoy the experience and mulled the dog fucking experience over and over in my fantasies. Doing ‘it’ with that dog and many other dogs since that time this way and that.
    I’m not into sucking penises, or swallowing cum, but I do now like the thought of dogs giving me a ‘no strings’ fuck. I’ve been fucked by many dogs since that first time me and no one has ever discovered that I regularly fuck with dogs or even knows about it.
    I now do it for real when the opportunity presents itself and arises I have sex with our present medium sized male dog. When his penis swells up to fill the walls of my vagina inside it’s fits me better that my husbands. When the dog’s penis is settled inside me, truth be told it makes a better fit
    I have trained him to fuck. He knows the signals I give when I want us to have sex. I’ve trained him to be discreet. Though he’s not very faithful I’ve enjoyed watching him service a number of bitches when they are in ‘heat’ and ‘gagging for it’.
    When we are having sex I like to imagine he is breeding me and fertilising my womb, pumping all his fertile seed get me pregnant with his puppies, lots of them.
    Delicious !
    I’ve just had a session with him and as I type I’m on a high. I can feel his seed moving inside me He’s got me all wet.
    I’ll need to go and shower the smells away, doggy cum and doggy body smells are very noticeable on a woman after a good sex session. He looks at me now in a very satisfied way, I know if he could say ‘I enjoyed that slam bam thank you mam’ , he would.
    If the time permits we’ll have another round and my dog will fuck me again. If we do I know we’ll both be cuming again, mmm

  6. Remembering my younger K9 experiences

    The more I think about past experiences the more I remember just how much I really really enjoyed the whole experience

    Watching my girlfriend or step daughter or friends younger sister, getting fucked hard by a big hard dog cock
    Seeing how much they were really enjoying it
    Seeing how much cum was oozing out of their pussies even though his big cock was still impaled deep inside her
    The naughty and exciting thrill of going down on her to lick her spunk filled pussy and have so much of a lot of DOG SPUNK over my face and lips and in my mouth
    Being surprised by just how much I loved the taste of fog spunk and especially when it’s oozing out of your girlfriend etc
    French kissing her when I had loads of his spunk in my mouth and then sensing how much she was loving the taste of his cum on my mouth and lips.
    Seeing how much it turned her on that HER BOYFRIEND (me) was kissing her and it was his mouth she could taste that dog spunk on.
    Realising that HE (me) was obviously not only willing but that HE LOVES IT TOO.
    Her asking or telling me to then suck on his cock and get him hard again, and then doing as instructed.
    Realising how much I was loving sucking him hard again.

    Of course, the added naughtiness of doing it with my friends younger sister or with my girlfriend with her mum watching or in front of some friends at a party, always boosted the turn on even more.

    And the more I think about it, the more I really really want to do it again, and again and again….

    Paula xxx

  7. I was eating out a lady sitting on her couch, and I was on my knees on the floor. Her dog came up and started humping me. I reached back and guided his cock inside or me, then went back to eating pussy as he fucked me. It was a better cock and fuck than some men who have fucked me. The lady was petting the dog, saying good dog. I was fortunate enough to have him knot in my ass, but he still came out of me easily, as I am used to large toys and cocks fucking me.

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