I like him watching me

My husband and I bought a house last year for a great price, mainly because it needs a lot of work done and total up-dating. It’s been a mess since we moved in and most of the work is being done by my husband. The new kitchen is done and most of the new bathroom but the rest of the house is a wreck. We have to replace almost every door in the house and at present, we have blankets or quilts covering the bedroom and bathroom doors.

When they will be finished I don’t know and we are running out of money to do everything. My husband switches from day work to night shift every other week so his time working on the house is limited.

Now to the real problem that I have ignored and continue to let happen. My husband’s sister got killed in an accident 4 years ago and we took in her son Robbie who was 15 at the time now almost 19. I honestly don’t know how long he has been doing it but I know now he has been peeking into the bathroom when I shower. The doorway is covered by a large bed quilt and nailed above the door. Our new bathroom has the shower and tub enclosed in glass sliding door. It only happens when my husband is working the 3 to 11pm shift and only one-time months ago did I ask Robbie if he was peeking in, which he denied.

I’m 38 and should have more self-respect and modesty but somehow am excited when I know he is watching me. It’s gotten so bad I announce when I’m going to take a shower at times and am aroused by the fact he is seeing me nude.

Now I am sure he has been doing it for at least six months but the quilt has been over the bathroom door since last October. I can see when he is moving the quilt out of the way but never let on that I know he is watching me. I wanted to prove it to myself so badly I have placed the video camera under the blanket of my bedroom door aimed at the bathroom 10 times in the last few months.

Out of the 10 videos, 3 times he was fully dressed, 3 times he was in his underwear and 4 times he was naked. When he was naked I could see him get erections and play with himself but never saw where he had ejaculated. I can’t explain why but seeing him stroking himself while watching me had me excited.

I delete those tapes in fear that my husband would see them but do watch them several times. It seems by the tapes the minute I turn off the shower he runs back to his room. I never say anything to him about it except for that one time. I used to hate when my husband worked the night shifts. What surprises me is my lack of embarrassment and the arousal that overtakes me as I’m aware he is seeing me nude. I can honestly say I like him watching me.


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