I Was 10 Years Old When My Big Brother Woke Me Up That First Night

I was 10 years old when my big brother woke me up that first night.He was sitting next to my and was completly naked.When I got woke up he started talking about sex .He was slowly jacking off while he explained to me what sucking cock was ,how good it felt when someone sucked his cock and then he described how to suck cock and the different things to do with your mouth and tongue.

As he was describing how to suck cock I sat up and slid down between his legs and took his hard cock in my mouth and wrapped my lips tight as I could around his cock.

He never told me to do it and definatly didnt force me in any way,,I got between his legs all on my own and started sucking his cock because I wanted to do it and wanted to make him feel good.

As I sucked Scott cave me pointers on what to do with my mouth and tongue to make him feel as good as possible.I know that I sucked my brothers cock for a long time but do not remember if he came in my mouth that night or not.I do remember coming to him every chance I got and asked him to let me suck his big hard cock.I wanted to suck his cock so badly that I would beg him to let me do it.I sucked his cock in the morning while we waited for the school but to pull up to take us to school.I remember how excited I was as I sucked on my brothers cock knowing the bus would be pulling up and minute and I wasnt going to stop sucking until I made him cum.I thought about it but was never worried about what would happen if the bus pulled up and I was still on my knees sucking away on his cock .

I didnt care if people saw me sucking his cock.I sucked him off every morning,,usually after school after we got home from school and then again sometime between then and when we went to bed.A few years later I was still sucking my brothers cock as often as he let me,there were many times when he would bring a girl home and would fuck her in his room,usually in my bed then afterwards while she was taking a shower he would come get me and have me suck his cock.I loved sucking his cock after he just fucked some girl because I could taste her pussy and his cum on his cock.Not much longer after that my big brother started fucking me in my sissy ass.I had become his little bitch in every way.I was sucking his cock and letting him fuck me in the ass,,By then I had started wearing girls clothes and I was doing his home work and all of his chores around the house and loved it so much.

I know ,you are wondering where our parents were all this time.Our mother died when I was about 9 and after that Daddy lost his job and then got hired as a truck driver.He was busy driving all the time trying to pay the bills and feed us so he was gone all but a couple of days a week.

We were home alone most of the time and my big brother trained me to obey his every order and was his sissy sex slave .I never refused to let him use me sexually and he loved to tease me after making me beg him for his cock ,sometimes denying me .

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