Then I Whispered, Help Me Mom

When I told mom about my dream, I sat across the table from her, masturbating.

I wanted so bad to stand up just before I started to cum.

I told her, that in my dream she let me cum all over her.

Then I told her I was having an accident.
She actually looked worried, I liked that.

When she asked me, what kind of an accident, and gently said, would you like to show me?

I tried to look embarrassed when I stood up.

In front of my pajama bottoms were wet with cum.
I must have convinced her of my embarrassment because, she told me it was all right.

She got up and ran water over washcloth until it was wet and warm.

She unsnapped my pajamas and started washing me.
Of course, by the time she washed all the cum off my cock, I was so hard the head had turned purple.
I apologized for it as nicely as possible.

Then I whispered, help me mom. She looked so sad. I didn't think she would do anything.

Then she slowly put her hand around my cock and started to masturbate me. It felt awesome.

Her hand was so soft, specially when she slid it up over the head of my cock.
That was the first time she masturbated me and the second time she let the cum on her.
I thanked her for what she had just done, while she washed my cock again.

Then I went to my room, for my first class.

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