That Day I Had A Very Good Video Streaming

I was at my house, my wife was gone to see her ailing mother.

I had a gay porn video on the big screen, I particularly like hairy men mounting other hairy men, I enjoy watching bareback sex.

That day I had a very good video streaming.

I was so involved that I didn't notice that the man that comes by to do the bugs was standing outside the den watching with me.

He moved, and the movement caught my eye.

I turned and caught him, his pants around his ankles, his dick in his hand.

Right then all I thought about, he had a dick I could suck, and I really wanted to suck a man's dick.

I went outside, the door is off the den and invited him inside.

He was embarrassed, but I told him I caught him and I could see that he liked watching men have sex, so sit down and enjoy it.

I have a favorite I watch over and over, two older men who spend a few minutes kissing, a few minutes with cocks in their mouths, and then some great fucking.

I sat with him, still embarrassed at being there with me.

When they were kissing I pointed to him and said me and you, watch.

When they got their cocks out and the swallowing began, I pointed to him, me and you.

And when the fucking began I pointed to him, me and you and I walked over to the TV and pointed to the man on the bottom, me.

I pointed to the man on top, you.

he didn't want to, he said he was timed.

I grabbed him and kissed him, I undid his pants and got down and sucked him.

I undressed him, and both of naked I put my arms around him and kissed him.

Our cocks rubbing against each other he surrendered to the kissing, and we got down to sucking, and I gave him some lube and told him lube me up good and I wanted him bareback.

I took the position and he tried to avoid it. I grabbed his cock and told him to fuck me.

He was nice sized, and he was hard, and he had lubed me up and it went inside like it's supposed to.

And once he got started he fucked and came in me.

And that is the long and short of how the bug guy became my go to lover.

I love kissing, it's my downfall, I could spend an hour kissing with him. The rest is gravy.

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