I Have Had A Thing About Panties

Since i was about 9 . I have had a thing about Panties . Not thongs or anything like that .

Cotton ones . It started with the girls at school .

They always wore school dresses and school panties . The panties were dark green or white .

Lose fitting . They were always doing handstands against the wall .

Their dresses always fell down over their faces . Exposing the panties .

Being lose fitting , if i was lucky . I got to see a bit of pussy .

When i was 12 , my young friend told me about a girl his year (she was 11).

Who would let me see her pussy , and touch her . He arranged for her to come to my house one day .

When my parents were at work . When she arrived , she wanted to got to my room .

When we were there , she lifted her dress . Showing her panties .

Then she took them and her dress off . To let me look at her nd feel her . When i had don this .

She told me to lay down . She crouched over my face and told me to lick her .

This was better than anything that i had imagined . This made her little pussy wet .

She moved to my penis , and lowered her pussy on to it . Then she was riding me .

I had never been with a girl .She did this and made me cum inside her pussy .

When she got off , she licked my penis clean . Then she dressed and got redy to go home .

Before she left , sh asked me if i wanted her to com round another time .

I said yes , and told her when my parents would be at work . This became a regular thing .

She taught me a lot , she was very experienced . It was only later that i found out .

Her older brother had been doing things with her , and fucking her since she was 5 .

He had now left home . But she still wanted sex . For over a year we fucked .

Then she started her periods . So i stopped . I was scared . that i would mak her pregnant .

Now i wanted to fuck . So i persuaded a girl of my age to have sex with me . It was not as good .

I always had to pull out .

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