My Sister And I First Began Having Sex When She Was 9 And I Was 12

My sister and I first began having sex when she was 9 and I was 12. We enjoyed it then a few months later we watched porn and a guy was wearing women’s lingerie so my sister told me I should try it so the next day I was in panties, bra, slip, stockings and a dress.

Sister asked if I liked it I said I didn’t know lingerie was so smooth and comfortable. I dressed up over the next few days and I didn’t want to stop. Sister and I got out on dates together to towns where people don’t know us.

We go clubbing and dance together as a couple and kiss

Confessed by: Frankie

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  1. I sucked on my stepsons penis while he was a sleep and my wife in the next room. He was to young for an orgasm but he pees in my mouth and I was able to swallow all of his hot tasty pee.

    • I was about i was about 14 and my sister was 10 we lived on a property and one night our parents went out and left us home,i told sister i Gunna geit t in the pool so i got in naked ,i was feeling horny with a hard on so i began to jerk off not knowing my sister was watching i was about to texplode when she came over and asked what I was doing i said im horny she desided to watch i said
      Take your clothes off and i will let you play with my cock so she did she started playing with it so i began rubbing her pussy she said its hard and we can’t tell anyone about this sha agreed,said lets go inside and play we went into moms room on the bed was some sexy lingerie i picked it up and showed sister then rub it on my cock and said it feels nice and she replied try it on i said no but she keep at me saying she dares me to dress up in sexy lingerie and clothing so i said ok she helped me once dressed i said fuck sis i like it she promised not to tell she lifted front of my dress and said your really hard i said play with my cock and i finger you we played around and knew our parents wouldn’t be home for 6 hrs we ended up fucking after i cum in her pussy i said fucking hell it really is good wearing women’s lingerie and clothing i said might go for a walk outside we went on a hour walk i told sis i was horny again and said let’s have sex so we did

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