I Sent Her Request And She Accepted

In year 2020 i came across a girl on facebook, she was cute and i was immediately interested in talking with her.

I sent her request and she accepted.

We started talking, i started healthy flirting with her, because i liked her she also liked me too.

We started talking alot and alot every day whole day.

After 2 weeks she expressed her feeling for me she said she loves me, i was shocked for a moment as i wasnt expecting that.

I didnt respond her and she got very sad.

For next few days i felt very bad her cute face kept coming in front of me.

I liked her but wasnt sure whether i was in love with her or not.

I coudnt see her said i thought maybe eventually i would fall in love with her.

I accepted her proposal we came in relationship.

Over the time her love for me increased more and more, i also started her liking more i really care abt her, if she was sad i also became sad.

But i wasnt so expressive as much as she was for me. We talked everyday.

Now its a year we are in long distance relationship, we are going to meet soon for the first time.

She is totally into though she never meet me she as even told me that if i leave her she would shatter into pieces she cant live without.

I really care about the girl i dont want her to get hurt but i am still confused if a truly love her.

I have doubts about my future with her. I dont know somehow i feel we two are not compatible.

But she is very innocent nice girl i don't want to break her heart.

I m hoping after meeting her maybe i will truly have feelings for her i hope that thing to happen but i m not so sure.

I have multiple times thought abt breaking up with her but didnt have the guts to do it.

I cannot see her crying face i dont want to hurt.

I really someone to give me some direction some hope. It really kills me

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