I Started Dating My Boyfriend About Two Years Ago

I started dating my boyfriend about two years ago. We instantly fell in love.

But after sometime I started to fall out of love.

But he still loves me and I feel so guilty for not being in love with him.

Throughout the years I have found out that he is homophobic and a sexist. Idk what to do about it.

I want to break up with him but I can’t since we go to the same college and attend the same classes and have the same friend groups.

I might have to wait until I’m done with the entire degree which is in 2022. Sigh.

I don’t wanna hurt his feelings but I know that’s the right thing to do.

He doesn’t agree with my believes and Ik we are going to fight a lot in our relationship in the future.

I actually don’t see a future with him. Ugh I feel so bad for leading him üò≠

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