I Can Feel Actual Romance Under Extreme Circumstances, But It’S Extremely Rare

I have exactly two fetishes.

A girl in certain types of denim, and a girl who literally LAUGHS at my failures.

Yeah, she also makes comments, jokes, ect– but THE LAUGHTER is the part that does it for me.

I lose an argument or she succeeds at making me lose control; she just laughs dismissively and walks away while I rage.

I'm eating any kind of food and I get some on my shirt; she's instantly pointing right at it, bouncing with excited squeals of laughter, and telling other people to look at me.

I fumble something delicate I'm carrying; "Pfft! Hahahahah!! You are such a KLUTZ!!


Haaaa-haaaa, buuuuterfiiiingers!" The crazy part though, is it doesn't matter the age of the girl.

If she's old enough to be fairly articulate, and young enough to not appear old, either and both of these fetishes will instantly turn me on.

I'm not gonna actually MESS with a kid, and outside of either of those helpless triggers I have zero actual attraction to them, but if they do either one in a way that sets it off, the reaction just happens.

It's really the same with a girl of ANY age– outside of those two fetishes I might have SOME interest in CERTAIN women– but she's gonna have to really turn the charm on, and even then it won't really be the same kind of reaction.

I CAN feel actual romance under EXTREME circumstances, but it's EXTREMELY rare.

These two triggers, they happen randomly all the time, and even when they don't I spend a lot of time thinking about them.

I dunno, there it all is I guess.

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