I’M 17M Living With My Girlfriend, I’D Met Her Online And Moved States To Be With Her, Ive Been Living With Her For The Past 2 Months And I Regret It So Much

i'm 17M living with my girlfriend, i'd met her online and moved states to be with her, ive been living with her for the past 2 months and i regret it so much.

i'll admit i did kinda fuck up a lot by cheating on her a couple times because this is my second serious relationship and ive never been loyal before so this sounds like bullshit but it's hard to quit.

but here i am, i managed to quit, haven't done anything with another girl in a month, but my gf doesn't believe me, she thinks that i haven't changed and that ive just gotten better at hiding things from her.

as a result of my little cheating problem ive had to cut off and disconnect myself from everyone except her and a few of her friends.

now after this happened i might've added a couple people that i used to be friends with on snapchat, but after she found out i was kicked out of the house, just me and my suitcase, so now i'm actually pretty scared to look at other women let alone talk to them.

so because i don't really have any friends except her friends, ive become attached to them and as of right now she thinks i have a crush on her friend that we've been hanging out with every few days.

i just want her to know that i need my own friends, idk what i'm supposed to do, ive got no family where i live, nowhere else to go, no school, no job, no friends, she's trapped me here and i don't wanna be with her anymore, last time i cheated she told me how bad she wanted to hurt me, so she did exactly that, no bruises were left cos i know how to take a punch but i really have no plan.

i'm stuck here with this psycho and she thinks she's in love with me, she doesn't even know what love is, she just gets easily attached and calls the guys she gets attached to her boyfriend to cover it up, i'm suicidal a lot of the time, i think about self harm a lot, i haven't done it in a couple months sk that's good i guess.

i wish i really thought this through before i moved states to be with a girl, of all the fucking things a girl.

i'm so dumb.

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