Then, He Never Talked About It, Leaving Me Confused

I fell in love for the first time in my life, with a guy who doesn't love me.

I have strong feelings for him and is not ready for a relationship myself, so I just told him that I have feelings for him, and we kissed the very same day.

Then, he never talked about it, leaving me confused.

After a few months, he started talking to me, letting me know about the things happening in his life, and slowly letting me in.

but whenever he opens up a little too much, he disappears for while, and then resurfaces after about a week.

He told me that he likes me, and i not yet ready for anything as he is done with all heartbreaks.

And he has trauma with commitments.
Recently, his ex gf, whom he was pretty close to died in an accident, and now, he is devastated, and broken, so i tried to be there for him, but he is too sad to even talk about it.

He cries every time we talk about her, and he seem all distracted.

And right now, even though I really love this guy, I feel like, my feelings for this guy would really affect him( it is my personal opinion), and i wanna just move on, cus somewhere I feel like I will never be loved the way he loved her.

At the same time, i don't wanna leave him in such a situation.

I would really appreciate if you guys can help me decide what to do.

Should I just try to move on from the one person i fell in LOVE with, or should I stay on, support him and don't keep any expectations?

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