I’m Here To Confess My Love Story

Hello, my name is Sandhya. I’m here to confess my love story.

I’m 21 now, but long back when I was about 12 I fell in love and I’m still lying there.

You might think that I was too young to be in love or that I was not in love at all but no, I’ve thought that myself and you can’t really fake love someone this long.

So, I fell for this boy S, and throughout our school days we had our moments.

We were actually in a friend group and he was almost humiliated by me, (I’m not sure if he really was), so he didn’t like to be seen with me or anything of that sorts.

But in private he was such a lovely person. We had our moments and I was happy with it.

I was pretty bold and confessed my feelings for him but he didn’t deny or accept it but he acted like he liked me too.

He kept me in a confused state.

I know you’re thinking this is already toxic, but I don’t know, he was really nice and real only with me.

I was only person who knew the real him. I actually felt really special to be that person.

What really bugged me was he wouldn’t even let me talk to him about the moments we had.

It was almost like he was scared to have his feelings for me grow.

Well, it went on like this for a while, then out of the blue he told that he did not want any association with me and that I have overestimated our platonic friendship and that he want nothing from me.

It took toll on our friend group and that was 3 years ago.

Its been almost 9 years since I fell for him and I still love him so much and hope that he will too, someday.

I know I’m only scratching the surface of my story, I will write more about us.

This is merely an introduction.

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