Even My Nieces Especially When They’re Only Kids

Here’s my confession: I lie a lot, I lie to myself that I am okay, I lie to my parents that I have patience towards them, I lie saying I’m not annoyed or bothered, in fact I get so annoyed at the people I love the most.

Even my nieces especially when they’re only kids.

I lied to my parents about being in a relationship, I fear they’ll be mad at me and it’s just embarrassing and awkward.

I’ve done things with him I shouldn’t, I’ve also done things to my body I shouldn’t have.

I betrayed my bestfriend of many years, her boyfriend at the time cheated on her with me.

I use to cut my arms for attention, I use to envy people and allow my life to copy others, I chase the wrong people.

Even though I am in a relationship I still think about my crush from freshman year, not in that way of course but just thinking, I talk to other guys even though I shouldn’t not In a flirtatious way.

Ever since quarantine started I lost my relationship with god and let temptation get to me, I stopped going and this week I am unable to go confess.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t alive, other times I’m happy to live but not in a suicidal way.

I sometimes do not honor my mother and father, I wish I spent more time with them though.

That is all.

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