I Got Married Pretty Young Because I Was Pregnant

I got married pretty young because I was pregnant.

My husband had another girl friend at the time and he didn't drop her. He kept her and me.

She was a hugger and he liked getting physical affection from her.

I have never been affectionate and so all the affection giving fell on her in this relationship.

That included affections for the baby.

If she could have she would have, she wanted to nurse the baby but all she could do was sit with me while I did the nursing.

She decided that she might as well get pregnant and between the two of us we filled up all the rooms and the bunkbeds.

It was a baby making marathon that lasted five years.

We are old and gray and have grandchildren.

I have always done the cooking and she the kissing. I make the bed and she unmakes it.

She loves to have her legs around him and I can barely tolerate it.

I'd rather just lay in bed with her than have him crawling all over me.

Small kisses and caresses from her are enough for me, and her loving me.

I go to sleep with her and wake up with her and spend all day with her.

I got married to him because he got in my pants but I stayed 'married' because I'm in love with her.

I made my babies with her, I felt each and every baby came from her.

I nursed her babies and she nursed my babies, that way our babies are from both mothers.

She's always been AC/DC and I've always been DC, I'm a lesbian and I put up with him.

If he hadn't knocked me up I would have never married him.

As it is, if he hadn't had his other girlfriend and brought her into the marriage I wouldn't be writing this.

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