I’M 20 Now, So I Have A Rather Uncertain Future

For the last year or more, I have been kept in a strong rubber-lined canvas body-bag, by a male nurse at a nearby Criminal Lunatic Institution, for the pleasure of him, and his poker 'buddies' 23/7, with one hour for hygiene, feeding, and exercise…a tazer provides adequate motivation to allow re-confinement without resistance.

There is an opening at my mouth, with an airtight zipper, which allows constant invasion by Viagra-influenced flesh, as they take turns using me as a cum-dump.

I am also subjected to wickedly extreme orgasm delay and denial, my pleas totally unintelligible, with the zipper closed at my mouth.

I do everything I can to keep them happy, motivated by the threat of a padded cell in the closed-down section of the Asylum, when and if they tire of me…I am crazy enough already, to view that as exciting and terrifying, in about equal amounts…oh, I'm an orphan, abused and molested as a pre-teen, with an above average endowment, that has always attracted much older males.

I'm 20 now, so I have a rather uncertain future…

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