Limit What You Share So We Can Build A Strong Foundation

It is the same with every subject.

So, I need understanding if I am supposed to stand strong and steadfast to what I want us to become.

Look, your secrets are safe with me but I also need something from you.

No talking to the ex's and no sleeping around for 90 days, I need you to safe guard our connection while it grows from a seedling into a flower.

You can have your past memories, but not former lovers in the present or negativity interfering in our relationship: emotionally, mentally, physically.

Limit what you share so we can build a strong foundation.

I have to be able to trust you and with your long history of lovers I need you to let go of the past.

So clean out your contacts, facebook and social media if not you can keep them and I will keep moving on.

The other reason is I need you to protect my energy.

I work with a lot of clients, and have to have a safe space I can rely on without everyone elses drama or energetic interference.

If we can create a sanctuary for each other, away from the world, a secret but fun nest for us to escape the world we both win and there is nothing we cannot achieve.

Close friends, distant companions…something that works for us.

Pick the wine bar, and a corner table, text me the time after 7pm and address on my phone.

Just make sure we are within walking distance to wherever you plan to rest after we are done kissing and I send you back to your room all hot and bothered, with my scent on your lips.

I rarely drink and never while driving.

You are the only exception to the rule.

This is a cyber diary entry that I wish to be lost in cyber sea.


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