I Want To Have Sex With My Father-In-Law

Over the past six years I have been slowly dragged out of my closet and exposed to all of my family.

Due to finances and other issues however, I cannot move on and live my life openly as a pansexual man.

Only two members of my in-laws still speak to me and that is one of my problems.

I want to have sex with my father-in-law.

He is actually my mother-in-law's second husband, a much younger man from Africa.

Ever since he arrived here I have been a sort of mentor and the only family member who has treated him normally.

I only see him on the rare occasion I drop my wife off to go with him and his wife on trips.

The last time he secretly texted me and asked if we could meet and talk about what/why things were so messed up.

I met him and we talked in his hotel room.

I had never thought of him in a sexual way, but when he started changing casually I found myself wanting to be with him so badly it hurt.

He is a beautiful and kind man and we have always been great friends.

Now I cannot stop wondering what it would be like to be with him.

Honestly, he is the first man that I have ever thought of in more than simply a sexual manner.

That scares me but at the same time delights me.

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