My 86 Year Old Mother Recently Had A Stroke

I am a 50 year old white male, and in good physical shape.

My 86 year old mother recently had a stroke. I qualified for a six month leave from work.

I moved in with mom and decided to be mom's caregiver.

My wife objected and did not want to follow me to mom's house.

Mom only lives 25 minutes away from my home.

I also hired a CNA company to help me with mom's personal hygiene and house cleaning.

Most of the employees from the CNA company are black women.

I must say, many of the black women are attractive and voluptuous.

During the six months I had sex with 8 black women.

Some would ask for money and others enjoyed the thrill of cheating on their spouses and boyfriends.

I never imagined the variety of black women I would have sex with.

Since high school I always had a thing for big booty black women.

My regret is maybe I should have acted on my desires much earlier in life.

My wife has no clue on what is going on at my mothers house.

I continue seeing 3 of the black women I am having sex with.

Sex with black women is very enjoyable and fulfilling. The ass, thighs and titties are the bomb.

I must also admit, white women and hispanic women just don't measure up to black women.

I know I am doing wrong and cheating on my wife, but black women have satisfied my sexual desires.

Mom has recovered quite well. I moved back home and continue seeing the 3 women.

How will this episode end? I hope it continues for a long time, I love it!

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