Being A Single Mom…And A 14 Year Old Daughter

Being a single mom…and a 14 year old daughter ..i can’t count the times i’ve preached to her about the birds and the bees
when she got to high school i once again made a menace of myself about reminding her on teen pregnancies and boyfriends …..she found a part time job at the local mall not to far from the house and some hours on weekends i don’t have a man or male friend to help out … her boyfriend would come by and help cut the lawn for me on some weekends..
I don’t know how to tell her that after so much preachings on pregnancies i’ve become pregnant..i have no idea how to explain it to her, i’m definitely have to expect a lot of questions in HOW-WHO-WHY-…just by telling the truth it will embarrass her as a daughter of a single mom…..the WHEN is it happened when you went to work after school…

the HOW is self explanatory his cock was buried till he bottomed out and didn’t pull out like i told him….and WHO it’s your boyfriend that i’ve been fucking for a few months….should had waited for the birth control to take affect…..

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