At The Age Of 9 I Was In The Bathroom Bathing

At the age of 9 I was in the bathroom bathing.

Being small kid the door was kept open and my cousin sister aged 3 years came into bathroom and was watching me bathing nude.

When I was drying with the towel she came too close and just touch my small unerect penis and spoke in her own language saying dirty shame and started to pull and shake.

To my surprise I had an erection and astonished to see it growing with much tingling in the loins.

Feeling good I did not stop her and she played with my erect penis and was laughing.

Later hearing someone noise I shooed her away and got dressed left the bath.

In the night I thought such and event and could not sleep.

I slowly touched my penis while under the bed sheet and immediately I could see my penis growing with that same tingling and I started to shake it.

After some enjoyment somewhere I fell asleep.

Since then onwards I have been masturbating regularly. But I could dare not touch my little cousin.

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