Its A Likely Not Good For My Development Or Whatever

CW: Mentions of R8pe

im a older teen girl, and i frequently draw rape porn
I dont condone real rape, i avoid watching porn online with real people in case of abuse, but i cant help but love it in fiction
I mostly draw nonconsensual NSFW of a fictional character named "five pebbles", and the idea of being so dominant over someone so smug is just so alluring.

Picturing pinning him down and watching him try to desperately claw away just feels so hot.

i know there probly something wrong with me, but i cant help but crave the idea.

Along with that, fictional bestiality is also attractive, im very good at reading animal body language, so i dislike real animal porn scenes all of em look so uncomfy.

mixing these two fictional ideas is just,
Yummy, i know its bad, but im not sure if i can fix it.

agian, i would never do or condone either of these in reality, but still.

its a likely not good for my development or whatever. its probbly gonna be fine thogh.

anyways, i was just feeling a bit bad about it.

so i thoght id just tell somone and see what the internet ppl think without getting myself canceled.

sorry for my horrid spelling, its 3 AM rn so im not doing thimking at top tear

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