Many Years Ago, When Pregnant With Our First Child

Many years ago, when pregnant with our first child. I had trouble with my breast milk.

I used to leak badly when at work leaving tell tale stains. even with pads.

Long story short in desparation I allowed a middle-aged male colleague who.

had a fetish for Adult Breast Feeding.

I confess that at the time I didn't know there was such a thing.

At any rate we established a routine for relieving me during the working day.

I helped relieve him but only by hand.

The system worked well and continued when I became pregnant again with my husband and I's second child as the problem began once more.

Later the colleague was posted to another branch a long distance away.

So everything was resolved although I never informed my husband keeping it between my colleague and I.

The problem now is that my colleague has been posted back.

After all these years. Now he want's to resume, and in fact increase what had gone on before.

I've explained that I didn't think it to be a good idea.

In return he said that if I don't go along with his plans he will tell my husband what happened in the past.

I know that my husband would be upset to say the least!

maybe not so much what had taken place but because I kept it from him.

He would believe that more had gone on, or it had meant more, and that was why I had chosen not to tell him at the time.

I'm not sure what I should do?

Risk what might come from either refusing the colleague, or telling my husband myself.

Or should I comply with the colleague's wishes to quite possibly save my, until this happy marriage.

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