I Simply Can’t Imagine Him Being Gone Or Away

I never thought I would experience what it was like to TRULY fall in love. Until I met him.

He completely changed my life around in ways that I didn’t think were possible.

He helped me grow into the person I am now and he has helped me see that the world can be a wonderful place to live him.

I went from seeing black and white to now seeing vibrant and beautiful colors anywhere I go!

I always fear that the universe is tricking me by putting him in my life.

I simply can’t imagine him being gone or away.

He may be closed off and reserved to everyone else around him.

But I have seen a much goofier, sweeter, funnier, and more serious side to him that the average person would be shocked to hear.

I can see that he has a lot of things to work through but I want him to be aware that I will be there by his side every single step of the way.

He never has to feel alone or worthless through any of the bullshit life seems to throw at him.

He is worth more than mountains of any precious gem and is a blessing in disguise.

He won’t know how I truly feel about him and as long as he is alive and happy: I can live/die happy knowing that I am/was part of his life.

Even if I’m not the reason for his happiness‚ĶI pray he finds happiness.

I pray someone hugs him so tight that the broken pieces stick together and the pain subside even for a second.

I have come to terms with myself; he would and will be the person I love regardless of what life throws at me.

No matter how many lovers come into my life and give me an abundance of happiness…He will be the one I fully surrender my heart to.

He is the only man who has helped me slowly trust few men around me.

He is the only one I truly feel safe and protected around.

He has made me feel raw emotions that not even I can decipher.

I would write endless novels about this person if I could.

So tell me….is this what love feels like?

Does love help you heal yourself and give you a reason to stay alive although the temptation of death draws you in?

Do they give you a reason to stay alive?

TW: suicide

He is the reason I still continue to exist and breathe to this day.

I’m grateful to the universe and any divine power that brought him to me.

I can never thank you OR my lucky stars for such a magnificent soul to exist.

Please never take him away from me.

He’s the one thing I have that I plan on cherishing until my last breath.

I just love him…..ok?

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