But Still, We Became Really Close (As Friends)

I don’t have many friends. Just two actually.

I have my cousin (a girl, 20yo) and my best friend, which is a guy (24yo).

Me and my best friend, we met one day at a restaurant, I asked him his number.

It was to flirt at first, but then I felt more friendship than love towards him.

But still, we became really close (as friends).

So we hanged out, the three of us, cause my cousin is kind of always with me.

My cousin and my best friend aren’t close that much.

They see each other when I’m with them, that’s all.

And they didn’t see each other for a long period (about 6 month) when I got in a argument with my cousin.

But then she came back to me, to tell me she realized she was toxic to me.

Always asking me to go out with her, even though I didn’t wanted to go out with her, always getting angry when I was going out with someone else then her etc…

Anyway. When she apologies, I accepted to keep on talking to her.

But then my best friend added her back on Snapchat.

I didn’t mind at all, it’s okay since they knew each other and all.

But then, my cousin asked him to go out with her, without telling me or inviting me.

That’s the first time they hang out together. And that hurt me, really bad.

I don’t go out much actually because I’m working a lot, and when I asked why they got out without proposing me, my cousin told me I never want to go out so she didn’t got the “reflex” (or something like that) to ask me.

And when I told them that it hurts me, they didn’t understand. For me, it was like a betrayal.

And I wonder If I’m crazy, because I felt like she was stealing my best friend and I was the only one seeing that.

I felt like she was doing it on purpose, to punish me because I stopped going out with her and that I was more going out with my best friend because I liked more his company.

She told me to put myself on her shoes, because she likes to goes out and she gets along with my best friends, cause he goes out a lot too etc…

She told me I had a toxic relationship with him, that I was selfish and in an unhealthy relationship.

It’s childish, I feel childish. It’s like we are fighting over a guy.

But it was hurting me that she didn’t understand, her more than anyone which I was really close to.

Since then I cut ties with both of them. Am I sick ? Or too emotional ? Am I wrong ?

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