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    The Man Simply Started Fucking In Doggy Style

    Before moving into the newly bought apartment, the maintenance work was being going on for a few days. When all the workers have departed after the days work before moving out I was just checking the bathroom taps and heard the next door neighbour's wife calling out for her husband from their bathroom. There was […] More

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    I like him watching me

    My husband and I bought a house last year for a great price, mainly because it needs a lot of work done and total up-dating. It’s been a mess since we moved in and most of the work is being done by my husband. The new kitchen is done and most of the new bathroom […] More

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    He Must Like Me Seeing Him Masturbate

    Every Wednesday night for the last 7 months my mom and my aunt Connie go to bingo at the church hall. I stay at my aunt’s house and help my aunt’s boyfriend Ryan watch their now 11 month old baby. I’m 14 and take care of the baby better than he does. Sometimes my best […] More