My Strong Sexual Desires Started When I Was Very Young Maybe Age 4

My strong sexual desires started when i was very young maybe age 4.

My mother would diaper me in a towel to discipline me when i messed my pants so still today 50 yrs later i love playing the adult baby girl when i find a married guy thats into that fetish we have incredible encounters.When i was young my mother would a silky nitie i would sit next to her and rub it with my hands so from a very young age 5/6 i have been secretely wearing panties.

In my teens i started dressing in lingerie.Silky lingerie is such a wonderful feeling.In my early 30s i entered the bisexual life style and and have had hundreds of fantastic sexual adventures.My wife has know idea about this secrete life i live.

I love so much and am very careful not to make mistakes to get caught.I only have sex wirh married men and they love for me to play the sub sissy silky sex slave role and take care all of there sexual needs/fantasies.As i age im more into the diaper plastic pantie baby girl role.Please anyone thats on the fence about the bi life style give it a try.what a wonderful fun excting life i have lived so far.So crossdressers get out and play..oxox

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