When I Was Younger Mum Didn’T Properly Explain That Sex Was Only For A Partner You Love

When I was younger mum didn't properly explain that sex was only for a partner you love and that it's a very personal thing that shouldn't be done with certain people at all, I was about 7 when this happened and I thought it was just a way of showing someone anyone that you love them so I made a point of doing it with my brother one night to show him I love him wasn't until few months later that she explained it to me in further detail, at the time never really thought much of it because I was so young but slowly over the years as I've gotten older the guilt been eating away at me Im a distcusting human and want nothing more then to tell me parents sincerely apologise to my brother and have my self locked away forever because I just don't deserve any kind of human rights, worst part is I don't even know if my brother remembers or not as it was absolutely years ago but it eats away at me constantly and I put myself very rightly at blame for the way my brother is now he's not very socialble and he flinched a lot and he seems to have something wrong with him, however I can't tell if that's because I traumatised him and it could have been prevented had I not done that or because he just genuinely has something wrong with him because he suffers with a stammer anyway and that effects him a lot in the social category…

Either way no glossing over this I was very much in the wrong and I feel I need to make it known for my brothers benifit so that he can get help with the fact he's a victim of my utter stupidity and torture I feel I've put him through….

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  1. i dont know why everyone talks about tramatizing n stuff
    i think you werent trying to hurt anyone right
    also are you boy or girl
    put yourself in his shoes if you had older sibling that was that way with you would it tramatize you or nah
    your brother just could be nurodivers so just always be kind and love and exept him like he is then he can be happy and you to
    i have older brother he would never be like that with me tho cuz im not pretty but unless he was being mean i woodnt get scared an id prolly just be happy if he thinks i am pretty enuf

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