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    I Jeeta confess when on meth i called evil satan and lucifer master when in fact they live under our feet so i called that to lust to. Under our feet they go. No where else only satnaam baba and dassan das are our master and father.   Confessed by: Jeeta Gender: Male Country: United […] More

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    Am I Weird?

    A lot of people have stabbed me in the back just because i lived abroad so now i just do what i want on my own and now i prefer being on my own.When i’m in Tenerife i go out and drink with people because everyone comes from different places but here there not very […] More

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    oh god i am at it again …each time i make a decision and jump to the other side with a more force…i hope and take a firm decision to not to act to the emotions anymore….sorry to the woman who is coming to my fantasies each time…from this moment onwards i make you my […] More