In My Sweetest Southern Drawl I Whisper, &Quot; Meet Me Tonight, So We Can Share A Bottle Of Wine And You Can Kiss My Beautiful Lips To Process This Past Life Relationship Connection We Shared, The Energy Of Which Is Overflowing Into This Lifetime

In my sweetest southern drawl I whisper, " Meet me tonight, so we can share a bottle of wine and you can kiss my beautiful lips to process this past life relationship connection we shared, the energy of which is overflowing into this lifetime.

" I know you feel it because I do, it's not something we can deny.

Would you be down to give up your stubborn preconceived notions about sexuality, love, relationships and gender to just make out in a dimmly lit corner of a room or go to a drive in movie without adding sex to the equation, so we could figure this out together without words getting in the way?

Think about it.

You would have to take the initiative to open your heart and life up a little if you would like me to blow your mind.

You and your secrets are safe with me, but love is not a one lane street.

It takes two to tango, and I want to dance with you on the beach under the stars and have some fun together.

Tell me it is not all wishful thinking and will be more like wish fulfillment mi amor.

Time is ticking…‚ô•

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