We Both Know What Seems Coincedental Is Not

I don't think you have been completely honest with me about our connection, your feelings or intentions.

1- When you attended Project Angel Food, where you hoping to run into me?

I think you were since I had supported the event the year before and you knew it.

2-You are intelligent, as well as strategic when it comes to meeting people you intend to meet.

We both know what seems coincedental is not. 2- I think you are bisexual and hide it well.

Discretion, your class, and style are three of my favorite things about you.

I think a bottle of wine and time alone with you would say otherwise.

and I would never tell your secret.

3- It was way too easy for me to meet you, it felt Jamed Bond pre-planned, but I think my flirting online led to you being disappointed that I was heavier than you expected.

Not your norm. You liked my pretty face but are not into chubby girls.

No worries, I could see the look of disappointment in your eyes that I did not exactly live up to your ideal.

Not sure your laundry list of 'the perfect partner' is realistic at your age for anyone to live up to or have to try.

It would be exhausting.

I can lose weight and have plastic surgery to be thinner, but you will be classified as a senior citizen in a few months so be a little more flexible with your standards.

If you got to know me, you would fall in love with me if you gave us a chance.

4- New York women are very driven, hyper critical, materialistic and a little mean in my 6 year experience of living in the city.

You seem different, but again you are charming and I don't know you well enough to make a decision other than fantasy.

Or if you are a revenge plot of another celebrity you have known for years that I want nothing to do with at all.

5- When I was going through Press Release distribution what surprised me is one of the links opened up to you in costume for a performance at a random news station.

Really, what are the odds?

It made me wonder if you or your management had invested in new stations in other parts of the country to diversify your residual income.

There is way too much synchronicity in the air between us for this to be a random connection.

I think you like me and have deeper feelings for me than you admit.

There is also the possibility that you are my old pen pal from back in the day that used an alias.

Seriously, if you got out of your own way and spend time with me; every other weekend, every third weekend, lunch, dinner, coffee, tea, a movie, we could go explore some places together since we both like to travel.

You will probably discover we vibe like soulfriends, if not soulmates from the same tribe.

I cant force you to be honest with me, nor can I flirt with you directly because there are two many third parties involved in your social media.

However, I will say take the initative, call me baby, you won't be disappointed, all the rumours about my lips and Latin Lovers are true.

😉 Or you can keep hesitating, wasting time. The ball is in your court.

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