It Was Legal Cause Of Age Of Consent

When I was 22 or 23, less than 25 years ago I had a gf who was 16 to 17.

It was legal cause of age of consent.

We were doing anal once and she said something about wating to stop.

I told her to lay there and take it and I continued until I finished.

Years later she had me write down what happened because she wanted to see my version of how I saw it.

I thought it couldnt be anything illegal so I did. I talked about in texts with her. I was honest.

Turns out that technically by law I may have raped her.

In my state there is no time limit on being prosecuted for felonies.

She has decided I have to be held accountable if possible.

They were very interested when they saw the written admission that I made.

It didn't help because of the age and sodomy.

I might have to go to what will probably end up being County jail for six months to a year.

23 years later. Or 24. I wonder if anyone agrees that this seems right? Is this what I deserve?

I never saw it like that. But I have a lot of time to think about it lately.

I guess it doesn't matter how I think about it.

If I go to jail I'll have a lot of time to reconsider how I feel about it. That's for damn sure.

I'm freaked out. Give me your honest opinions.

Maybe it won't result in anything but supposedly it's going to

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