Hi, I Am Now 21 Years Old

Hi, i am now 21 years old. I just want to confess something that I can't tell anyone about it.

It happens when I am 9 years old and I have 2 brothers, at that time I am a school prefect so I have to wear my prefect uniform but my is a little bit fit because I have to wear vest and my body is a bit chubby.

In my country, we were taught about sex education in biology when we are in 15 years old.

So, I do not have a clue about sex in that age but my second eldest and I have 4 years difference and he might have early exposure about it.

One day, I went back from school at 2 pm and accidentally fall asleep at the living room because it was a very tiring day.

The next thing I know is my brother keeps rubbing and patting my whole body but as I am naive and fool, I just let it be because I do not think it was a bad thing.

However, he keep doing it until he put his penis inside of me.

I do not even remember what happen next because I do not even conscious at that time.

And we kept doing it several times because I do not know what my brother is doing to me and I felt good from it.

And I want know that is it my fault for not knowing about sex since young age or my brother's fault?

I cannot even tell my parents because when I tell them that I being called whore at school,they just don't believe and ignored me.

And my brother also their favourite child.

Oh, my eldest brother knew about it because he accidentally saw us but he did nothing.

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