I Can’T Believe That This Took Place 25 Years Ago This Summer

It was a recent conversation with my mother which indirectly made me think of Caroline again, someone who I had not thought about in years.

My mum and I had been talking about, among other things, our family holidays to France during those summers of yesteryear and how enjoyable they always were.

In fact, we still keep in contact with some of the families whom we met on those French holidays.

Summer romances stories are ten a penny I guess and most of us probably have a tale to tell.

I can't believe that this took place 25 years ago this summer. Where does the time go?

I can remember when I met Caroline for the first time – it was up at the pool area in the resort, one afternoon early on in the holiday.

A romance briefly blossomed between us over the following two weeks.

I guess that ours was like any teenage holiday romance in that we went for walks on the beach together,shared kisses etc.

The time would inevitably arrive though for us to say goodbye!

Caroline and her family returned home about two days before my family left.

I don't remember whether or not we wrote to each other after returning home but she probably wasn't far from my thoughts.

There was a bit of a postscript to the story as we met again at the same holiday resort the following summer.

This time though, our arrival at the resort coincided with her family's deparature.

Our paths have never crossed since!

As an aside, Caroline's hometown is probably about an hour and a half away from mine.

There have been occasions over the years when I passed through her hometown.

Whenever I did, Caroline would always pop into my mind 🙂 So that is a story of mine from bygone years.

Thank you for letting me share it!''

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