I Have Even Stole Knickers And Tights From My Friends Daughters

I’m a 40y old man who is 100% straight and does not really take a liking to gay men and hates everything about them, but I keep my opinions to myself.

I also hate seeing men Who dress up like women, they look disgusting.

But here is the confusing twist, I have this really bad fetish for stealing teenage girls and women’s tights and underwear as well as all female clothing and high heels.

I am absolutely obsessed with women’s tights and then knickers and heels and then all the rest.

Also I can not get enough of women and teenage girls wearing tights.

Put it this way if I come across a women or teenage girl in the street or on a bus or in a shop and she is wearing tights!!!!!!!

My eyes are locked onto them and they do not have to be that good looking as long as they look sexy.

It all started when I was in the infants at school and my teacher would be reading my class a story while me and my class were sitting on the carpet infringe of her and I would be looking at her legs and up her skirt and she always wore nude or a sand colour sheer nylon tights and I would have been about 6 yrs old.

From then on I would be perving and fantasising at anyone that was wearing tights which included , my mums friends, my friends mums, next door neighbours, my aunts, teachers, girls at school, my sisters friends and my girlfriends mums.

Then at around 11 or 12 I started to try on my aunties and school friends mums knickers and tights and then I would sneak in to their bedrooms and go through whoever’s knicker and tights draw at any given opportunity as well as washing baskets.

My next step was stealing them and it got pretty out of control.

When I first really started to accept that My fetish was getting out of hand was when I started to perv and fantasise over my two teenage ex step daughter’s.

both of them are really pretty girls which didn’t help and I started to wear their underwear and tights aswell as all of their clothing and high heels and then started to steal them.

One of them new that I was doing it but never said anything.

I also got pretty carried away with stealing my aunts underwear, tights, tops and other clothing and I am sure she knows it was me.

I have even stole knickers and tights from my friends daughters.

I know that it is completely wrong but I cannot stop myself from doing it and cannot see an end to this!!!!!!!!

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