Her Libido Has Always Been Strong

It was not hard to train my wife and have her intrigued to try Black guys.

Her Libido has always been strong. I started by bying her a huge schlong dildo.

11.5 inch and thick.

She asked what am I going to do with this I told her it was for when I was away from home working.

At first she said it was too big. I told her she might surprise herself.

She did start letting me use it on her on nights she felt sexually inquisitive.

I would eat her pussy.

It got me thinking how hot it would be to see her being fucked by a real monster cock.

Since she enjoyed this one so much.

Usually about twice a month she would ask me to bring it to bed.

I started watching Black training videos for wives. One said show her this.

Little did I know I was also converting myself to be a cuck.

I created a fake email and mailed her the link using a fictional name Tim.

One day she asked me if I knew a Tim. I told her only one guy who lived in new Jersey.

I looked to see if she watched the video on the computer history and she did. So I sent her more.

Hypno videos, Ones that encouraged women to seek black cock.

I started to notice she would watch them a few times a week.

Then she started asking for the dildo every week, I realized she was able to take the whole thing down to the latex balls.

She had been practicing on her own. Which got me more excited.

One day she asked me, would you be mad if I slept with a black guy? I said do you want too?

She said she didn't know. I told her, your pussy is definityly big enough to handle them.

She smiled and said that's your fault. I told her, I know.

Then she asked me, if I would want to watch her with a black guy. I guess the cuck video worked.

So I had to answer her with I think it might be hot.

That is when she confessed to me some guy named Tim had been sending her videos.

She said she started watching them and thinks she is addicted.

So I told her lets watch some together.

While watching a Black gangbang video, I asked her if she would want to try that.

No surprise, she said if you don't get mad and leave me. So I assured her I wouldn't.

So from that point she wanted me to see how to set up sessions with black monstercock.

It wasn't as difficult as I thought. It turned into a regular monthly tryst.

Which we both got emmense enjoyment from.

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