Janice Was A Fat Girl Not Massivly Fat

Janice was a fat girl Not massivly fat . Not pretty , but attractive enough .

She was one of my group of friends . Not the most popular and usually on the outside of the goup .

One morning she turned up at my house , saying that she could not find anyone , did i know where they all were .

It was a rainy cold day . So i asked her if she wanted to come in . We sat watching the TV .

I asked her if she wanted a drink . She said a cup of tea .

She started talking about how she was not popular , it was upsetting her .

So i was being kind and telling her that she had got it wrong . She started to cry .

I put my arm round her and kissed her . She turned to me and started kissing me .

Before i knew what i was doing . I had my hand on her breasts . She was letting me do it .

So i moved downd to her pussy , feeling it through her panties .

She was letting me do what i wanted , no complaining .

So i tried to slip her dress off over her head . She let me do it .

She was now standing there in a bra and panties .

I pulled her close to me and started to kiss her .

She put her hand down , and touched the bulge in my jeans .

I unclipped her bra , and kissed her breasts . Then i asked her to come upstairs .

When we were in my bedroom i told her to lay down on the bed .

Then i pulled her panties down and took them off . She may be plump , but she looked sexy .

No hair down there . Just a pretty pussy . I asked her if she wanted me to undress .

When i was naked , she was staring at my penis .I asked her if she wanted to touch it .

Moving close to her hand . She reached out and put her hand round it .

I reached between her legs and fingered her .

Then i opened her thighs and satrted to lick her pussy . I also pushed 2 fingers in to her .

Findiing that she was wet . I asked her if she masturbated , which she did .

I asked if she would like me to give her an orgasm . When she said yes .

I licked her clitoris and finger fucked her , until she was having an orgasm .

I asked her if she had ever done anything with a boy . Yes but only looking when she was 6 .

Next i asked if she had started her periods , she said no .So i asked if i could put my penis in her pussy .

Telling her to kneel on the bed so that i could get to it .

When she was kneeling , i started to push in to her . I got the tip in easily .

Then it would not go in . I kept trying , then she let out a squeal . I was in and fucking her .

I asked if she was enjoying it .She told me that she had dreamed about being fucked .

I held off for as long as i could . Hoping she would have an orgasm .

I could not hold off any longer and started to cum inside her .

She told me that she could feel me cumming inside her .

We spent more time enjoying each others bodies and kissing .

I asked her to take me in her mouth , explaining what to do and warning her that i wanted to cum .

Saying that i would tell her when i was going to cum . So she could take her mouth away .

She let me cum in her mouth .

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