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    My Cousin is Arrested

    This world is dying. People are running around cursing god and changing their gender and dudes marrying dudes, paedophilia, pansexual and bull shit. My cousin is arrested, and she is in prison because a trans or retard with a penis walked into an all-woman spa and asked for a nice full-body massage. The masseuse said […] More

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    I Hate It

    I am with a woman and I hate it. I have always been gay. But never had the courage to come out and just be myself so I fake that I am straight to keep everyone off my back and I hate it. I just wish I was born normal. Confessed by: Nat Gender: Male […] More

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    I don’t understand lusting. No man can help but lust when he sees a nice ass or a nice set of tits. It should only be considered a sin if a man acts out in lust in an evil way raping molesting etc. They should make some changes to the bible. Lusting should not be […] More