One Friday When I Was 11

One friday when i was 11 . 2 of my friends from school , both girls . Jen and Joyce .

Asked me to go round to Jens house on Saturday morning .

When i arrived they took me to Jens bedroom . They were both in nightdresses . They got in to bed .

I sat on the bed and we talked . They asked me if i had ever seen a girl naked .

I told them i had when i was 5 , playing doctors and nurses with the girl from next door .

Looking and feeling each other . They wanted to see a boy naked .

Then they asked if i would show them , i said i would if they also got undressed .

They would after they had seen me . So i undressed . Then they did . They wanted to touch me .

So i sat between them to let them do it . Feeling them touching me , gave me an erection .

They wanted to know why it had grown and got hard .

So i told them that it was when i was arroused . Them touching me had done it .

I told them that when i rubbed it , it would feel nice and stuff would come out of the end .

They wanted to see it . I asked them to do it for me .

Jen wanted to do it , so i told her how to do it .

I was looking at her vagina as she was doing it .

Soon i was cumming , squirting on my belly and Jens hand . Joyce wanted to do it .

I told her it would have to be later .

They told me that they masturbated and licked each other , giving them orgasms .

They wanted me to give them both orgasms . Asking me to lick them and push my fingers inside them .

Joyce was first . I got between her legs , liking and finger fucking her .

When she had her orgasm , it was my first time seeing a girl jave one . Then it was Jens turn .

I licked her and finger fucked her to her orgasm . They worked on me and gave me an erection .

I told them i wanted to put my penis inside them . After talking they said ok .

Jen would be first . She kneeled on the bed , and i tried to get it in . Joyce helped guide it in .

Then i could feel the warmth and moisture of Jen arround my penis . I was in heaven .

When i could feel that i was cumming . I held her hips and thrust deep in to her .

When i pulled out , i could see my cum dripping from her .

I told Joyce that she would have to wait . Jens mother would not be home for hours .

Staying on the bed , we kissed and touched each other .

Then Jen went down on Joyce , licking her vagina . This got me hard .

Joyce saw my erection and wanted me to fuck her . She kneeled on the bed and i kneeled behind her .

I did not need any help this time , but Jen wanted to guide my penis in to Joyce .

I was fucking Joyce and looking down at Jen laying with her legs open . This soon made me cum .

When i pulled out Jen told Joyce to lay on her back . Jen was licking Joyces vagina .

My cum and Joyces juices . We got together every Sturday to experiment and have sex .

Over time they grew puffy breasts and a few pubic hairs .

I liked to suck on their puffy breasts , and feel the hairs on my tongue when i licked them .

Jen started her periods so i could only cum in Joyce .

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