My Cousin (M23) And I (F7) Were Always Close

My cousin (m23) and I (f7) were always close, he was like a big brother to me!

He was always loving and kind and caring and I’d follow him everywhere he went.

When my family visited his family’s house and I immediately went to look for him; I thought he was sleeping in his room, so I crept in quietly.

I was surprised to find that he was watching porn, but I had no idea what it was at the time.

My cousin was sitting at his computer, staring at the screen and jerking off and I was a few feet behind him.

Amazed at what I saw and enjoying it, the man came inside the woman and pulled out his dick to watch the cum leak out.

This made me gasp which alerted my cousin of my presence, he turned around and saw me then smiled and took my hand, pulled me over to him.

He asked me if I knew what sex was and I shook my head "no", he asked if I knew what porn was and I said "no" again.

He asked if I liked the video he was watching and I nodded my head "yes", then he asked if I wanted to stay and watch with him and I said "yes, please." He stood and told me to sit in his chair and he sat on his bed and watched as I watched.

After the video ended he asked me how I was feeling and I said "down there feels weird, kinda tingly and warm." He said "would you like me to take a look, make sure everything is okay down there?" I said "yes" and he told me to remove my shorts and lay on his bed and then to spread my legs.

I did as he said and he rested his hands on my thighs and stared at my pussy, then he spread my lips and said everything was fine but I was really wet.

I thought I had peed myself and he said "it’s not pee, this is a good kind of wet," he offered to clean it for me and I nodded my head.

That’s when he started to lick me, the entire length of my wet slit.

I had no idea what was going on but I knew that it felt amazing and I started to moan and squirm.

My cousin ran his tongue along my cunny and teased my little clit, then he said "do you like that?

Does that feel good?" I moaned out a "yes" and begged him to keep going.

He licked and slurped and kissed and sucked my pussy and kept saying "your little pussy is so yummy." I started to shiver and my hips jerked uncontrollably and he explained that I had cum.

My cousin licked me one final time while playing with my nipple then asked if I was ready for my first kiss and kissed me deeply, told me to stick out my tongue.

He pinched and sucked my nipples a bit and kissed my neck and my tummy.

Then he asked if I wanted to do what I saw in the video and I said "yes, please." He got some lube from his nightstand and coated his dick, then he got between my legs and rubbed the tip along my slit before slowly slipping inside me.

(Despite my small size, he managed to fit his entire length inside.) When I reached the base, my cousin released a deep breath and didn’t move for a bit, then he started slow shallow thrusts.

His hands were holding my thighs at first, but after a bit he moved them to my waist and started to

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