I Masturbated A Lot More When The Pandemic Started

I masturbated a lot more when the pandemic started.

On my mom's computer I found a chat that she used.

I started going there and looking for her username.

When I saw it, I talked to her, and I masturbated.

After a few times, I confessed to her about what I had been doing.

I told her that while I talked to her, I finished on a pair of my mom's panties.

After that she said it was alright if I did it, but not to say dirty stuff to her.

So, for months, I sat in my room, while mom sat in her room. I would tell her I was masturbating.

I would tell her when my erection was all wet and slippery. How good it felt to do it for her.

I even started asking her to give me permission to finish.
I finally told her that I pretend she's my mom and when I'm squirting, it's for her.

I still go there. I still ask her if I can masturbate. And I still ask her permission to finish.

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