I Am A 16 Year Old Male

I am a 16 year old male.

I have a very tight nit friend group and I have known some of my friends since I was young.

We went to a party and all got very drunk.

I decided to go to get food with one of my girl friends and her two friends.

I was sitting in the backseat with one of her friends that is 13 (why she is at a party I don't know).

I thought she was flirting with me, but she wasn't.

Possibly it was her acting different than most people do (bc she's 13) that made me think that, but idk.

I decided to kind of flirt back by putting my hand on her thigh.

I did this once and it was maybe a few inches past her knee for less than 5 seconds.

I immediately regretted it and didn't speak to her the rest of the car ride.

She then told people the next day and now my entire social life is gone.

I have been kicked out of the friend group and everyone thinks I am weird (rightfully so).

I know that I am not weird like that, but this is not me trying to justify it.

Maybe I am but I'm just blind to it. Idk. It was a fucked decision.

I just wanted to say this because I don't have anyone to talk to whatsoever.

I would like for yall to give any response whatsoever.

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  1. hi im 13 i wish it had been me insted of her cuz she sounds relly mean
    id love it a older guy flirting with me i mean shit who is going to blab about smth like that just play it cool yk

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