I Have One Best Friend But Now We Are Very Far Apart

Hi, so I just found this site when I searching for an "online confession site" .

Lucky me 🙂
So I'm just an ordinary girl with some talent maybe.

However, I think that my life is just a series of sad screens.

I have one best friend but now we are very far apart. We haven't chat for 4 months i think so.

She used to be my closest friend ever :). We always hang out together. We have our meal together.

We play our favourite games together. Literally we did everything together.

I had the best time with her. She was the kindest and nicest person I ever met.

But the sad part is, we no longer friends anymore since that day.

I am the one who is guilty in this case.

I still remember how we r so competitive when it comes to a game!

Your fav team "PORTUGAL".

Because she thinks that when there is Ronaldo she can win hahahahhaha.

But that's to early, I am pro than you budd ! We always have an argument after that game.

Usually, I'm the one who bring up that small matter. LOL. I'm too dumb at that time :' huhuhuh.

Do you remember?

every morning we both woke up late but still want to have our breakfast at the best nasi goreng in town ?

hahahah that was sick.

I still remember your fav drinks and food 🙂 every single night you will order the same thing, and same goes to me.

Sighh, I miss you so bad. I miss to having little chat, laughing with you :(.

But, I know this isn't the end. I can meet you again in the hereafter.

I never forget to pray for you 😉

Ermm, I'm truly sorry for everything buddy..

I know that I am wrong. I am wrong from the start, and I knew it. I really learn from it.

Yes maybe, we are fine now. But I'm sorry..

I don't have that courage to talk to you, to meet you even virtually.

Because I think that, I am no longer deserve to exist in your life. I am bad friend.

I bring negativity in your life.

If i could turn back time, yes I will never ever approach you on that day.

I will never be friend with you, because i know I am bad person.

I don't deserve anyone in this world. Now only me and me. No friends, no gang, no best friend.

Just me. I want to adapt this way.

I am more comfortable to live in this way rather than hurting someone's else lives.

I am ready to meet you, when I become a successful person.

And at that time, I want to pay back everything that you gave to me.

You are so kind, but I am blind. I am sorry.. I am fool at that time.

I don't want anything from you. I just want you to forgive everything that i did to you.

I am a bad friend.

Hey buddy, if you read this one day, i wanted you to know that, I really really appreciate your existent in my life.

I never waste any of it. But our stories ended up here.

You have another chapter of life with others.

Have the best chapter of life ahead buddy !
I love you so much buddy :') -ps/ hope we can be best friend in our dream

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