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    I Was Naked When I Woke Up

    Last Saturday night we had a girls night out and my boyfriend was at the Army Reserves for the weekend. I did snort some crack and had a lot of gin and tonics. I wasn’t driving and took a taxi home where I live with my boyfriend and his brother Gary. He greeted me at […] More

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    Crazy Night

    I’m a single, white, average girl next door. I have been dating Roger for 6 months now. We recently attended a party and things kinda got out of hand. After smoking some meth with a girlfriend of mine (my first time doing so), I lost control. I would leave Roger talking to his buddies as […] More

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    Older Sister and Me

    For years, my older sister and I have flirted, got along well, and otherwise sexually joked around. Today, at a gathering at her house, I followed her upstairs to the spare bedroom, closed the door, and just..TOOK her. She was very much into it, going so far as saying she wore what she wore (short […] More