Then We Got Our Own Friends And Drifted Apart

When we were 7 , Jane and me had played doctors and nurses . Touching each other .

Then we got our own friends and drifted apart . When we were 13 , we met up again .

With a group of our friends . We talked and went off on our own . She took me to her house .

We sat and talked . She asked me if i could remeber playing doctors and nurses .

When i said yes she talked about us touching each other .

This turned me on , and i could tell by the way she was talking . It was doing the same to her .

I made a move , kissing her and pushing my hand up her dress , to her panties .

I put my hand inside her panties rubbing her pussy . She stood up , and undressed .

Telling me to do the same . We ended up in her room . Laying on her bed .

Her pussy was wet and i had an erection . I licked and sucked her nipples and boobs .

Then i moved down to lick her pussy .

I kept doing this nd finger fucking her , until she had an orgasm .

She told me to lay back , and she gave me a blow job . Then we lay talking .

She told me that she wanted us to keep doing this . When i was hard we fucked .

I pulled out , cumming on her belly .

After this we fucked when no one was in at one of our houses .

She even brought her younger friend to join in . She told me that they both had sex .

Iicking , fingering each other , and pushing things in to their pussy . To have orgasms .

Her friend had only just turned 12 , she had not satrted her periods .

So i had to satisfy my friend first . In my favourite position .

I would have her on her back with her legs in the air .

Kneeling up to her butt cheeks to fuck her .

Her friend would help , rubbing Janes clit and sucking her boobs .

This always gave Jane an orgasm . Then her friend would lay like this , so i could fuck her .

Jane crouched over her friends face . faacing me . So that her friend could lick her pussy .

Jane leaned forward to rub her friends clit .

It was exciting to know that i could cum in her pussy . Jane always made her friend cum .

When i could feel her tight pussy contrcting with her orgasm .

I could not hold back , it made me cum . It surprised me the first time i had cum in her pussy .

When i pulled out Jane got down and licked my cum and her pussy juices . Swallowing them .

We had some great sex . Sometimes if jane could not make it . I just had sex with her friend .

Another position that i liked to make me cum . Was her friend riding me .

With Jane crouched over my face letting me lick her , and bury my face in her pussy .

I rememeber the first time that Jane showed her friend how to give me a blow job .

I could not take my eyes off her . Her hairless pussy , and little puffy nipples .

She soon made me cum . I fantasise about her sometimes . When i am fucking my wife .

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