I Always Have A Fantasies For My Wife’S Mother

I always have a fantasies for my wife's mother.

She is in her mid 50s, but she still maintain a very good body, an average firm breast.

My desire for her started one day when I go over her house to pass something to her, it was in the early morning and she was still in her PJs.

Her nipple was exposed from the loose PJs, she has a big protruding firm nipple i could say.

I was immediately turned on ever since.

After that day, I keep fantasy about having sex with her until today.

Whenever i am at her house for visiting, i would find a chance to enter her bedroom and look for any used panties or bra.

I once sniffed and masturbate into her wet panties.

I also stole one of her used panties back to satisfy my sexual needs for her.

I really wish to have a good sex with her, i noticed she liked me a lot, and i also suspect that she knew i played with her used lingerie as there was once she caught me going into her bedroom without any reason but she act as though nothing happen.

We are in very good term.

Do you think i should let her know about this and maybe there is a chance we can work on it?

At least i am not looking out for another girl out there, it is just my wife's mum.

I really felt very stress keeping this secret, i want to let it out.

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